Earth Rock & Bittas Record


Mr. Andrew Samuels
Tel: 876- 831-7064

Mr. Christopher Linton
Tel: 876-446-4840



Montego Bay, Jamaica


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about us

Paul Andrew Samuels and Mr. Christopher O’Neil Lintto, hail from Melbourne Ave, Salt Spring Road, Montego Bay Jamaica.  Paul Andrew Samuels was born on June 16, 1976 and Christopher Linton was born on December 11, 1978.


'We now both reside in Crichton Heights, Salt Spring where we now produce and do studio work.  Before becoming a producer, we were playing sound systems back in the days. Experience gained throughout those years, helped us to start producing, recording new songs and also finding new artists.

Some of our work that we have produced since the discovery of Earth Rock and Bittas Record are like Roots, Rock and Reggae beats. Alongside creating various beats we also remix and write songs.  We are looking to build a team with upcoming new artists, both young and old from Montego Bay.  We are striving to be the best in the Entertainment Industry. 

At Earth Rock and Bittas we strive to put out the best to get individuals responding to our Artists.

We would like to thank everyone that support us and want to see us fulfill our dreams. Thanks to you all.  We would also like to thank Global Designs Mediahouse for helping with this dream by building such a beautiful site for our fans to interact with us.'